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For all your CHIMNEY  Cleanings and repairs   &  SUPPLIES

 At PRIORITY Home Maintenance  Inc. we offer an  array of chimney liners made in our own plant , right here in the USA. Because we manufacture every foot of our chimney liners, we can promise that you’ll get exactly what you ordered. Each of our liners , come with a Lifetime Warranty

THE PRIORITY Home Maintenance  Inc.   LINING Kit
Smooth wall and single wall chimney lining kit
Available in 3", 4", 5", 5½" and 6" in sections from 10' to 105' In our plant we can run a seem , free, or no connection 105 feet liners..
The Chimney  Lining Kit is intended for use with heating appliances vented through a masonry chimney that burn home heating oil, natural or LP gas and solid fuels (pellet, wood and coal). This chimney  lining system is not for use with Category ll, III, or IV gas burning appliances as defined by the National Fuel Gas Code, NFPA 54, or other appliances that create positive pressures in the chimney liner system or that cause condensation of corrosive acids on the liner of the chimney.
Our Chimney Liner Kit  is intended for use in an unlined chimney with at least a nominal 4" of masonry all around, a properly built masonry chimney with cracked clay tile liners, or to provide a properly sized flue for a heating appliance installed in a masonry chimney that otherwise meets existing codes.
The  Chimney Liner Kit  may be used to reline a fireplace. "AS ALWAYS COMES WITH A LIFETIME WARRANTY"  Feel free to order from PRIORITY CHIMNEY online store we offer 6 month financing with orders over $99.00 thru paypal  easy-pay .